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Mallorca Spain Information

The law firm Castillo - González & Kollegen also represents you in all matters in Mallorca Spain.

General information about Mallorca!

Palma de Mallorca, the capital of Mallorca and also the seat of the government of the Balearic Islands, fascinates with the combination of historical ambience and modern metropolis. The city is located on the south coast of the island, near the endless beaches of Arenal, in the most sun-kissed area of ??Mallorca. Most visitors reach Mallorca by plane. The modern airport has become a linchpin of European flight routes and is approached directly from most European airports.

Mallorca Balearic Islands :

The silhouette of Palma is shaped by the imposing La Seu cathedral and the defiant royal palace. If the flag flies on the reddish walls of the palace, the knowledgeable man knows immediately: the King of Spain has moved into his island residence. The marina stretches along the promenade of Palma with its almost unmanageable number of shiny white sailors and motor yachts. From here you can easily explore Palma de Mallorca on foot. The historic old town, which is considered the largest surviving old town in Europe, attracts with its countless narrow streets and small shops. The Placa Major is a tourist attraction. There is always a hustle and bustle on the spacious square. Concerts often take place here. Cabaret actors and musicians compete for the favor of passers-by. The shady arcades of the Placa Major and the adjacent streets invite you to go window shopping. A clutter of narrow streets announces the clatter of hoofs to the next roaring fiacre, with which eager city guides quickly introduce tourists to the sights of the city. How to get to the Placa Cort. The landmark of the square is an ancient olive tree. Cafes and restaurants are very busy here. The Passeig des Born is a splendid shopping street in Palma. Designer shops line the avenue of plane trees.

The numerous church buildings in the city and the circular Castillo de Bellver, a castle complex from the 14th century, are very worth seeing. In addition to the tourism business, Palma de Mallorca lives from trade. Agricultural products are handled here, the first-class artificial pearls from Manacor and the famous leather goods are exported all over the world. The University of the Balearic Islands is also located in Palma. Art and culture are very important in Mallorca's capital. Worthwhile museums are Es Baluard, a museum of modern and contemporary art and the historical museum of Mallorca. Many open-air concerts take place, especially in the summer months, such as on the Placa Major and in the Parc de la Mar. The nightlife in Palma is known to be lively. Especially in the district of Llotja there is a regular party until the wee hours. From the island's capital you can take worthwhile trips to the surrounding area, for example to the beautiful beaches along the south coast, to the dolphinarium or to one of the amusement parks.

The very beautiful, mountainous north is the least visited region. But the capital Palma is particularly interesting. Palma has many examples of the city's maritime past. The very beautiful city is located right in the middle of the Bay of Palma. To the east, it has fantastic sandy beaches. The first foundation stone for the Gothic sandstone cathedral La Seu was laid in 1230. However, this building was only completed in the 17th century. Inside are the tombs of the kings Jaume II and Jaume III. The Castillo de Bellver, where the city's museum is now, also offers a wonderful view of the entire city. The construction of a round castle started in the 14th century. The Gothic Santa Anna chapel and the museum and gardens inside the Almudaina are also worth seeing. At this point there are also relics from the Arab period. For example, an archway and the Arab baths. Also worth seeing are the monastery church of St. Francis, the numerous palaces with patios and art nouveau buildings and the baroque church Monti-Sion. The most important promenade and the boulevards in Palma are the Jaume III and the Passeig des Born. There are many boutiques, perfumeries, antique shops and shoe stores. There are also elegant bars and cafés here. They invite you to linger. The Brondo, Sant Nicolau, Jaume II, Pas den Quint and Colom are a little less pompous but also attractive shopping streets. Here you can get everything your heart desires. A short visit is worthwhile in the largest and the most visited market hall. Here you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables as well as meat, sausage and cheese specialties. The most famous marina on the island is Port de Portals near Portals Nous.

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